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Gather round kids, I have a headcanon to share.

The background of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza is vague but one thing is certain. Five children were murdered, their bodies never found by police. Since then, the animatronics had been described as walking corpses. It’s been thought that they’re possessed by the dead children, furthered by the audio glitch that’s been discovered. The animatronic screams usually stop half way through the track, but if they carry on they become what sounds like a child’s scream. 

So, this got me thinking. If these things are possessed by children, but how often does the child shine through the character they portray?

Foxy has unique behaviour in the game. Hiding behind the curtains of pirate’s cove, where he seems to be rotting away. He only comes out when the cameras aren’t watching, only to run to the security room and find you there.

My theory? Foxy, until he successfully runs into the security room, is recreating his final living moments as a child. His injured self, hiding in pirate’s cove, waiting for the opportune moment to run to the security room to grab to phone in hopes that someone will come to save him, before his murderer catches up to finish him off.

When you shut that door just in time, he bangs against it in despair, before hiding once more. He’s stuck in an endless and terrified cycle, unless he finds you first.

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(~I need to figure 900$ by Oct 4th and it sucks since I have no known way of legally doing it haha.)

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Stepping Out


Feeling her slip further under the Sluagh’s glamour, Kieran quickened the pace. His arm clenched tighter around her, fingers feeling the hum of her voice trying to escape. He knew if her voice managed to escape his grasp the Sluagh would be completely called to them. The hysterics always drew them in…

"Almost out," Kieran whispered, more to himself than to her. Thankfully she was easy to manage along as he felt the mist thinning ahead of them. When she tried to tug away he nearly picked her up in his restricting effort to keep her at his side. He knew the drill. Sometimes people needed to be carried out thanks to the Sluagh’s influence. 

At last the mist breached and they spilled out into the old familiar Otherworld. Kieran took in a lung full of the fresh open air and continued dragging her along. It wasn’t wise to let them go near the mist. Often they tried to return in the hopes of finding a loved one. Stopping at a forest’s edge Kieran finally let her go, looking behind them at the distant collection of heavy fog consuming the hills. 

Returning his attention to her when he knew they were safe, he dabbed some of the mists cold condensation from her cheek with his scarf she wore. Just little kind gestures to distract her from the aftermath of the Mist’s Horde. “Not real. None of it is,” he assured her, certain the bewilderment and shakes would begin.

Don’t leave, precious.

Estelle tried to call out again, becoming slightly more physical with the struggle.  The mist felt wrapped around her insides, pulling at her being. The pressure gained throughout her thoughts at the face of her mother was shown without obscurity. But just as another struggle rocked her body, she could also feel something leave.

The voice quickly faded, but throbbed against her chest. For the moment they crossed back over to the Otherworld, she had to blink a few times as the images came in like a sixteen mm, hand cranked machine for old theaters. And just as the old was, the vision cracked and spoiled as the memory tucked itself back inside the forced emotional trauma. Kieran, finally, came back to her sights.

The blonde remained still and silent, mind rewriting what was left of her olden days. She jumped at the touch of the scarf on her cheek as he cared to take the last of the chill from her. What tears that swelled from before were gone. From the ground, she soaked in his appearance as her eyes carried upwards.

"They were.." She whispered, holding to her own needs. Her hands drew up, unaware the they were trembling. Gazing at them, she pushed them underneath the scarf and lifted it over her mouth and nose. This tangible warmth that smelled of a new stranger, of journeys and a pre-written past, was what she really needed. Times came and went where such memories tore her away from the world. This occurrence was anything but indefinite, unlike the others.

She lifted higher, knees as his chest area as she slide from the little grip her had on the scarf. This was a mental scar, and she’d deal with it in her own way. She had ways that had been forced over ages. None the less, it was rough for her to find her own voice. To bring forth something to say to him that denounced the fact they didn’t exist in some form. To not let it become routine in her imagination that maybe they were better off being erased. Looking down to the area they once were, she floated off with some hesitation. “Come on, slowpoke..” She called out from underneath the scarf, almost muffled. Some strength remained in her throat, all built up for the years of her past.

Stepping Out


At first Kieran was confident they’d make it through as smoothly as before. But then, he felt her subtly begin to slow. Her attention was being caught. He was somewhat settled when her hands gripped around his arm. At least she was choosing him as safety over whatever the Sluagh were trying to provide.

However, his pointed ears picked up the distant whisper, a voice tangled in memory and false intimacy. They’d begun to hone in on her. Feeling her beginning to stray, he snatched at her hand. Grip tight and unyielding he began to pull her up so she walked beside him. Wrapping an arm around her so she was barred in, he let that hand gently press over her mouth to silence her. The hand still holding hers didn’t let go as he continued to lead on at a determined pace. 

Now he too could hear them. Their chilling whispers raw and real to his ears slithered out from the mist. Chiding giggles and angry hissing promises met his ears, unable to mask their spite with glamour like they did for her. Kieran ignored them as he always did, forcing her to keep pace with him as he felt for the exit. Almost there..

Despite Kieran keeping her from wandering, she tugged at him with what little strength came to her. As she started to move away, she was brought back to him in the same. Estelle wanted to call out. A face.. Was it a face? Could it be? Blinking a few times, she couldn’t tell. He wouldn’t allow her to speak, despite cold and needy hums piercing the back of her throat.

The voice sang. It came and went with blurred syllables. The tone was vibrant in it’s own to where making sense was only part. So long ago… Even the woman couldn’t remember it fondly. It grasped her thoughts and dragged her back to times she didn’t want to remember. But the warmth.. How the warmth preyed on such lost, loved ones. A smile came from the distance. The textures resembled her own. The charm of a mother passed on to daughter.

She could feel the tears wanting to swell. Why..? Why wasn’t he letting her go?

Come child. Mama is here waiting. I have a story to tell you..

Once more, she gave a worthless tug outwards to go to the vision of her mother as it rose from the blur. The murmurs in her throat turned into begging. Her eyes remained locked on the outer edges,oblivious to anything else.

Lullaby & Letters headcanon

(~The only words Estelle can remember of her mother was a lullaby that she was sung as a little girl.

"As you rest at night, the stars will glow.

The heavens above will shine below.

My darling, sleep tight, stay hushed, no peeps-

As a promise- I’ll watch you as you sleep.

Stay hushed, no peeps, dear child of mine.

May dreams and hopes find you in time.

I shall watch you and listen as you grow.

For you are my heaven, here below.”

Regarding letters, her mother tried to teach her to write proper notes. She would send them to her father, who would parade them on the walls of his study as if they were treasures of the world. Due to this, heartfelt letters are kept posted in the original envelopes on her bedroom wall.)

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whyd you leave the keys upon the mable

Stepping Out


"Hard to say, honestly," he answered her, his thumb brushing over one of her fingers as he led the way. Floating up the hill, he slowed as they neared the mist. Eyeing it warily a moment, he turned back to her to finish his reply. "There’s a lot of realms. Many layers, many places in each. Ill have to show you one of our maps of the known dimensions." 

He kept his hand gently clasped around hers, eyes fixing back onto the mist. “Gods i wish there was an easier way to do this,” he muttered, now glaring at the shifting walls of white. But he forced a grin to fear off the swirling fog. Never did the Sluagh get to him. But he feared for Estelle…hopefully it wouldn’t come to that. 

"Ready?" he asked, looking down at her with a confident grin. 

There was a map. Thank goodness. Estelle looked back down the hill once more, watching the dew drift along the landscape. Yes, this would be a place to return to. She did promise treats, after all. Leaving them waiting would be far too rude. It was a playful thought as she waited the small moments out. At his question, she returned her attention to him. “Course.”

She would let him lead them into the fog, unaware of what was truly inside. She remained as quiet as she did the first time they crossed. Her fingers remained tight to his, drifting to and from him as she continued. But just as before, a small noise quivered throughout the haze.


It was nothing. Shaking her head, she moved a bit closer to him, wrapping her hands around his arm. Something felt off. And only then did the voice come again, but more clear.

Dawn Genevieve, come to bed.

A name she hadn’t heard in a century. An inhale stuttered as she tried to figure the voice. It took mere seconds before she realized who it was. Her lips moved, but she remained silent. Slowly, her eyes shifted outward, head turning to meet. It wasn’t curiosity. They were long forgotten times.

Old nursery rhymes and lullabies from a mother who never watched her daughter grow… Times of learning how to write proper letters to a father who would post them on a wall as if they were treasures from around the world. A smile of a loving mother looking down on her…

Estelle came to an almost halt, mouth falling open. Her body trembled enough that he’d feel her. The grip on his arm loosened, one hand slipping away. But only one word, dwelling on bitter sweet recollection, passed into the echo. “…Mama?”

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Stepping Out




Estelle grumbled against her lips, and small vibrations caused a tickling sensation.Giving a little lick to her teeth, she watched the knights and horses trail elsewhere. Her eyes kept watched on the animals, all until Kieran came close. It caught her slightly off guard, her cheeks becoming a colorful tone of pink as he took her hands. This was hard. To keep a large smile from forming. The notion, and feel of his skin against hers, set her nerves off. Stomach churning, she nibbled on her tongue for a second. The points in her lips curled upwards, desperately holding back from the sudden joy that had tricked it’s way to her smile. It was clear she enjoyed this, almost too much. The attention was new, and she was in over her head.

And she knew it. Catching her breath, and reverting back to a softer smile, she answered him almost right away. There came a sway in her body as she floated, away and then towards him. She allowed their bodies to gain inches to one another, up until the scarf she wore grazed his body. Her hands interlaced with his, holding them to her sides. “Inside?” The blonde said, almost questioning if it was alright.

"I’m not hungry or anything, yet. But maybe we can continue the outdoor adventures after we get a little warm?" Then came a pause, her cheeks becoming a darker pink. Eyes widening, she pushed herself back and kept her hold on his hands none the less.. She didn’t think her actions through when getting close to him. It astonished her. Swallowing hard, the words that passed through her lips came to. The Guardian invited such things with open arms, in a way. Oh, and with how he was, she believed him to take it in a  perverted set. While it would have amused her, she was completely embarrassed with herself as her eyes settled on his.

Kieran blinked a few times, a pause stretching after her mention of going inside to “get a little warm”. Trying very hard not to laugh, he attempted to hold a benign expression. But he soon failed, smirk spreading and a snort slipping free through his nose. Crap, well that failed. He could see she was embarrassed with her poor choice of wording, and it made him smile even more. Now the points of his teeth were dimpling his bottom lip.

"A little warm huh?" he asked, unable to resist making her squirm a little. He pulled her closer by the hands until their hips touched, a hint of mischief in his glinting eyes. But he stopped short when he realized they were still being watched. Several of the knight spirits were staring up at them with their wide dark eyes. "Hm, and a little more private perhaps too…" he mumbled, beginning to edge the both of them back towards the mists. "If you want something warm there are little drink shops in downtown where there’s a fireside to sit by."

She had slipped up. Her eyes followed down to his mouth, and the smile on her face came to a neutral tone. Still, the joy on her face didn’t falter. It rang as clear as a bell in a library. The woman gasped slightly as he tugged her close. Her face gained a feverish feel, stomach twisting around the action. “K..” Beginning to say his name, she stopped as he calmed down.

Looking over to the knights, and back to him, Estelle agreed with a little nod. Nothing private like that, though she began to not mind the newly found intimacy. No, not that. Private…Ah. Her mind rambled on trying to figure the proper wording. Keeping her height, and little distance, she moved with him. Her fingers rubbed against his knuckles, smile returning when he mentioned a fire. “I’d enjoy that.”

But as easy as this was, her lips held tight with questions. Some to be asked, some to remain lingering in her thoughts. Keeping her sight on him, she did form one question that would make for small talk. “Enlighten me. How many realms are there, or atleast you can travel to?” Course, she was positive there might be books on such. If anything, she wanted to him him talk, and take the tension off her.